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Thursday, May 29, 2008
Whats Under That Bag?

If you went through your closet recently looking for empty hangers you may have found a few extra plastic bags that contain clothes cleaned and pressed by the dry cleaner. Or you found empty hangers with a plastic bag hanging over it. This is a huge waste of space.
I recommend taking the plastic off of all of your clothes as soon as they come in from the dry cleaner so they can breath and you can see what you have to wear. I don't recommend using the plastic dry cleaner bags as a dust preventive. Add a garment bag to your closet for special occasion clothing for protection.
Hopefully by removing the extra plastic bags and hangers and adding a garment bag you can not only gain space but protect your clothing and start categorizing your wardrobe.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Paper Collections

We love to have paper supplies on hand especially when we are in a hurry. Say your on the phone and just need something to write a phone number on? Where do you keep this paper? If you in the kitchen, living room or office its nice to have a pad of paper accessible. In a drawer, on the desk or somewhere in your kitchen. But you just need one per room. Try not to over stuff your drawers, desktop or counter space with an overstock of supplies. Keep a storage bin full of post it notes, 3 ring binders and other paper products in one place so you can access when you need.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Crayon Crazy

The kids are getting out of school soon. But before they unload their book bags full of crayons, paper, rulers and calculators find out what they need for next years supplies. Recycle this years supplies for next year by storing them for the summer away from the other art supplies. You may have to buy a few things things this fall but you will not end up with duplicate items that barely get used. You save money in the process and shopping time.

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Monday, May 26, 2008
Hang It Up

Save a little space in your closet by getting rid of used hangers. Go through your closet and pull all of the empty hangers. Now take a look at the pile. What do you have? A lot of wire hangers, trouser hangers or clip hangers that you got with your last department store purchase? If you are not using these in your wardrobe let them go. Wire hangers from the dry cleaner can be recycled so bring them back on your next trip. Those small trouser hangers are of no use to you if you fold your pants over a hanger. Finally those freebie plastic hangers from the department store should never come home with you if you are not using.

Tip* If you have some items in your closet like a silky blouse that falls off the hanger, get a specialty hanger with a non slip surface that keeps clothes on the hanger.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Organizing Your Dining Life

We all love our grandma's china and now that you've inherited it you get to keep it forever. The problem is it never gets used and its taking up a lot of space in your already cramped dining room. Some of the reasons why the china never gets used is because you already have a set of china and you don't have a lot of formal dinner parties of 12. If the dishes are taking up too much space consider packing them up in padded china storage bins and moving it out of your immediate storage space where they are not going to get damaged.
If you would like to occasionlly enjoy a cup of tea in from this beautiful set keep a tea cup and saucer out so you can see it, use it and remember grandma.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008
Mechanical vs. No 2 Pencils

Here's a quick tip on keeping those office supplies organized. Do you have a lot of pens and pencils in your office supply? How many pencils do you have in the collection? Do you have both No. 2 and mechanical pencils? If you dont use pencils that often and you are short on space I recommend switching mechanical pencils only. The reason for this is you dont have to sharpen the mechanical pencils and you dont have to store the extra pencil supplies like the manual sharpener or electric sharpner. Both either take up desktop space or drawer space.

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Friday, May 23, 2008
Throw In The Towel

Time to take a look at all of those towels packed in the linen closet. Is your closet overflowing? Do you ever get to the bottom of the stack or do you keep rotating the same towels? You can gage how many towels you need in a week by how much laundry you do. Its a pretty small number 2 or 3 towels per person if you do the wash weekly. So time to organize those towels and let go of some of the older ripped or stained towels. You can repurpose those towels for cleaning or donate them to your local animal shelter.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008
To Much Junk In The Trunk?

Whats going on back there in the back of your car? Are you still carrying around the winter safety tools like a shovel, scrapers and other miscellaneous items like sporting goods or clothes that never made it into the house or garage? Its time to change your habit of using the trunk of your car as storage locker by getting organized in your car.
Empty out everything from your car but keep any safety items like jumper cables, flashlights or sun shield. Organize these items in a bin so they are ready when needed.
If you do a lot of shopping, organize your bags so they are easy to store and even easier to take out of the trunk. This simple trunk organizer from container store will hold grocery bags, maps and other small items so they don't roll around.
So make it easy on yourself and organize that car! Next project is the inside of the car!

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Monday, May 05, 2008
Short On Space But Need To Shred?

Sometimes we just don't have enough space for another garbage can/shredder. But you still want to organize that incoming paperwork everyday like the daily mail. So, get through those papers everyday by tossing the junk mail and shredding the other paper that might have personal information like account numbers. If you don't have a lot of space try a handheld shredder you hold over the trash.
Check out Innodesk handheld shredder that cuts 3 folded sheets of paper including the envelope. Its so small you can then store the in a drawer.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008
Goodbye Paper Take Out Menu, Hello Online Menu

Do you have a drawer full of take out menus? How about duplicate menus? Its time organize that junk drawer and say goodbye to every menu in the city. Check out and find restaurants that deliver to your address. Just type in your address and gives you a list of restaurants, menus and reviews!
Traveling next week and need your delivery fix? Go to and find out what restaurants are still open and who can deliver late night to your hotel.

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Friday, May 02, 2008
Tame The Cords

When was the last time you went through that box of electronic parts and cords? If everything in your home is working, everyone has their phone and ipod charger what is happening with that box of miscellaneous wires etc? Time to take stock, get rid of all the unnecessary items and organize those electronics!
If you find 5 pieces of a digital camera put them all in a plastic Ziploc bag and write "digital camera", same goes for the cell phone accessories like car charger, ear buds and usb cord. If you can separate the electronics from the computer stuff that would be great! But if you don't have extra room, keep them all in the same storage bin.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008
Saving Time And Money...Shop Online!

We are all busy these days, its no secret and we have a million things to do. Plus we also want to save time and money. Make sure you organize your work, food and fun essentials to help you get through the week.

#1 Work - Don't get stuck without a full printer cartridge just before you have to print 50 pages of a presentation in color. As soon as you printer tells you your running low on ink, order a replacement online and have it shipped. You will be happy to have it when needed. You can also stock up at office supply stores like office max.

#2 Food - Online grocery shopping is the best time saver around! You can set up your delivery date and time, its saves all of your shopping lists and you can shop by price. We don't have to spend the time shopping, driving to and from the store, packing and unpacking the car. I can shop in 5 minutes and its done!

#3 Fun - Subscribe to online movie rental like Netflicks - Put as many movies as you wish on your list and you don't have to get stuck without a movie for the weekday or weekend. When a new movie comes out to the theater add it to the list. Sometimes we forgot to see them at the theater and before you know it its on video.

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