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Monday, September 26, 2011
Going Single

It important to keep your refrigerator clean and organized. I like to reorganize the refrigerator before the grocery shopping plus give it a quick clean. This way I can see everything I have and what we need. Using a Clorex wipe as I go through each compartment makes this job quick and easy. As I was going through everything, I came across a few containers of foods that had a expiration date but I did not know when they were opened. The expiration date was pretty far out and the contents were already looking questionable. Instead of taking a chance on those items I tossed them. I do not like throwing away food, so just a reminder to write the date you open foods so you can discard if not eaten.
This brings me to another point...oversized packaging! I don't think it is necessary to buy such a large amount of a particular item unless you will go through it quickly. Either it is everyones favorite and you can't stock it fast enough or you plan on using it in recipes. Otherwise it will go bad before you can use it. I do not see the money savings here. Since one of the items I had to throw away was cream cheese I opted for the single serve containers this time around. Normally I would not spend the extra money on a smaller amount and more packaging especially when I can divide items up myself. But what I like about this product is all the other containers are sealed. The smaller serving will not get used quickly and I can use this smaller portion until it is gone. Since the other portions are unopened all I have to do is look at the expiration date if unused. Love it!

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