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Friday, August 21, 2009
Organize Your Hangers For Wrinkle Free Laundry

Quick tip on organizing your laundry. As your laundry comes out of the dryer quickly sort your clothes then make a pile for hanging. Hang up as much as possible right out of the dryer. This way you dont have to fold it and you will get less wrinkles. Organize your hangers before you take everything out of the dryer this way you are ready when the dryer is done.


Thursday, August 20, 2009
Organize Your Closet...Maybe?

How many times have you said "I am going to get organized"? But the thought of getting started is just so daunting of a task you decide to do something else? It can be so overwhelming! Here is a tip to help you get started in your closet
Create a "Maybe" box or bag and keep on the shelf or floor. Every time you come across something you are just not into anymore put it in the "maybe" box or bag. This way you don't have to tackle the entire closet at once. Periodically go through this container and decide weather or not you think its worth keeping. If not, donate to a charity or give it away to a friend or family member who you think might like it.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Organizing And Using Those Plastic Grocery Bags

Do you have loads of plastic shopping bags stuffed under your kitchen sink or in a closet? Get these spaces organized by either recycling them by taking back to the grocery store, drop off at Walgreens or reuse them! If you have a small trash can line them inside. When you need to take the trash out just grab the handles and go. Your next bag should already be in place. It makes it a lot easier to use them and you are not wasting space. Rubbermaid has even come out with a trash can designed for these bags!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Organized Boyfriend Jewelry

What are you supposed to do with all that jewelry from your ex boyfriend? Your never going to wear it again. If you think you are ready to say goodbye to this old jewelry send it off to Out of your life or post your items on ex-boyfriend jewelry. This is a great way to keep your jewelry organized! Instead of having jewelry your not going to wear cluttering up your beautiful jewelry box get rid of it.

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Monday, August 17, 2009
Keep Your Sponges Organized

Where was the last place you used your cleaning sponges? Was it the kitchen sink or the dishes? How about in the bathroom? Did you use the sponge in the shower or on the floor?
A good way to keep your sponges organized is my color. Choose a color for your counter tops and another for your floors. Or one color for your kitchen and another for the bathroom. Make a label and stick it on the cleaning caddy where you store your sponges. Designating a color for each sponge will help others you share a space with such as a roomate, family members or if you have household help.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009
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Organzing Those Sippy Cups!

Are the sippy cups, bottles and other parts taking over your kitchen cabinets and drawers? Here a a few tips on keeping them together.

1 - Match up all the cups and the additional parts. Get rid of anything that spills easy, hard to clean and your kids dont use.
2-Designate a shelf or drawer for each child or category and give it a label. Add drawer dividers or small containers to drawers to store smaller parts.
3-Before you buy more products in the future test them out. Its better to have one you like than 10 that will never get used. Save that space for items use use everyday.

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Monday, August 10, 2009
Home Organizing...Its So Square!

Are your pantry items spilling out of your kitchen cabinets? The containers they are stored in can sometimes be the problem. Too many odd shaped containers, bags and canisters dont allow you to maximize the cabinet space. Round containers leave spaces on the sides and bags set on the shelf dont allow anything to be stacked on top. This is a big waste of space. When space is a premium every square inch needs to be utilized that is why I recommend using square, stackable containers that can fill in the corners.

These containers are great for baking and bulk items as well as smaller items such as seasoning packets, nutrition bars.

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Sunday, August 09, 2009
Organize with mobile devices

One great way to get organized is to learn all the features of your cell phone. For instance I just made blogging easier by using my cell phone instead of my computer. Now I can post from anywhere, even when waiting in line at the Container Store.
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Saturday, August 08, 2009
Organizing For The Teachers

Are you having a hard time keeping your home or office organized because you have too many supplies? Organize your home or office but dont toss your unused office supplies donate them to a school. These items can really add up and in some schools teachers have to pay for classroom materials themselves. Check out this site where teachers posts requests about supplies needed for specific projects or list funds needed.

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Monday, August 03, 2009
Get Organized And Help Others

You can help others by getting your home organized! Check out Goods 4 good and see how your unused items can improve the lives of others. They are looking for clothing, linens, school supplies, educational toys, kitchenware, soap, first aid products or baby care items.
If you have any of theses items go to the "donate goods" link at Goods4good and let them you what you have for donation.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009
Organizing Kids Artwork

Kids bring home a lot or art projects. It can be tough to keep organized or even keep each piece. Especially if you are short on space.
Here are a few tips on keeping those memories.
Scan the art projects and upload to your computer. If you cant scan the project,take a picture of the object and upload to your computer. Turn your photos into a slide show or screen saver for your computer. Be sure to add notes with your files such as name, year and title.
Another fun way to keep your photos organized is to turn your photos into a calender, stamp or puzzle

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