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Sunday, May 31, 2009
Organize the "Try Ons"

Trying on clothes is a big part of your wardrobe organizing project. As you pull your summer clothes out of storage try them on. If they dont fit right now, please please please do not put them away. Clothes that you cannot wear right now should not be a part of your current wardrobe. If you try them on and realize they dont fit and your dont like them anymore, get rid of them.
If you cannot part with them right now, put them back into a storage bin. Try them on again in a month or two to see if they fit or if you still want to wear them in the future. Once again if they still dont fit and you want to keep them put them back into storage. At the end of the summer when its time to switch you wardrobe into fall decide whether or not you want to continue storing these items that dont fit. If you are short on space it can be difficult to continue storing items you dont use. And remember clothes go out of style so if you have been storing a jacket from college chances are if you do end up fitting into it you will probably want to treat yourself to something new.


Saturday, May 30, 2009
Organizing the Summer Transition

In Chicago where the weather goes straight from winter to summer we seem to skip right over Spring. It feels like its goes from 40 to 80 over night. So you end up scrambling for your shorts and flip flops while tripping over coats, sweaters and other items. It can be difficult to manage two seasons of clothing in your closet. Now is the time to power through your closet organizing project and finalize the seasonal wardrobe switch. Continue to pack up your winter wardrobe and purge what you no longer need.
Keep a few boxes, bags or bins open for donation and try to do a weekly purge. You will notice how much more selective you are about getting rid of heavy winter clothes that do not fit when its 80 degrees outside. But when winter rolls around next year you will not be adding your least favorite clothes back into circulation...again.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Organized Greetings

How many times have you purchased greeting cards or birthday cards and never sent them? They were purchased with the best intentions but you just never made it to the mailbox. We forget, get busy and sometimes cant find the cards! A simple way to organize cards is to keep them together in a resealable bag and write the types of cards on the outside. If you have a lot of birthday cards keep them together in one bag. Miscellaneous cards like shower, blank or thank you cards can be kept together but add a list of cards to the bag for quick reference. The bags make it easy to see and they can be stored in other locations other then a file cabinet or folder.

Good luck!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Organize Your Phone Numbers with Google Voice

I remember listening to my great aunt tell me the story of when telephone lines were installed in their house. The street had a single exchange, and every one's phone would ring on the street for the same call. Each house had a different ring to let the families know who the operator was trying to reach. But that didn't matter, because everyone picked anyway to eavesdrop. When I was a kid it was a big deal to get your own phone number installed and now it seems every twelve year old has their own cell. This growth in phone accessibility has increased the speed and ease of communication, but it has also has a downside. Personally I have a home phone (don't call it, no one answers or checks the voice mail) a personal cell, a work cell and a direct line at work. That is 4 voice mail boxes that need to be checked. How do I handle all that voicemail? I don't. The voicemail overload means I ignore, forget, delay and avoid voicemail. But now Google has come up with a nice solution that will aggregate all your voice mail to one place and send a transcript to your email...the thing that we actually do check every loving minute of the day from our...well, phones.

Google says the service is available to current GrandCentral users and will be open to Google accounts in the upcoming weeks. Apparently you will get another phone number (oh well) but then be able to forward all other phone lines to that number. The service will allow you to screen calls, pickup when someone is leaving a message and send a transcript of messages to your email.

I can't wait to see the Google ads that show up in my email box as a result of a friends voicemail message. That will provide a few weeks of entertainment in itself.

I still don't plan on ever checking my voicemail again, but will finally be able to respond quickly when I see a message pop up in my email...the one place that will be the final resting place for all non face to face communications. Google to ad those later...yes, I spelled "ad" correctly.


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