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Sunday, March 04, 2012
Going Bananas

My philosophy about organizing kitchen appliances is less is more. But I have to say I'm obsessing over the craziest gadget I've ever seen, the Yonanas  ice-cream maker.  It makes bananas into ice cream. That's it. It's big, it doesn't multi-task, nothing double-duty about it. But I keep thinking I could make healthy ice cream that the kids could eat without me feeling guilty. How could I work this into my small kitchen?  Maybe I could make room by tossing the cappuccino machine?  Unfortunately that is a big no, I use that every day.  How often would I eat banana ice cream? Probabaly not everyday.  That is a lot of bananas, lots of ice cream and some major counter top real estate.  OK, I am leaning towards no!  On an everyday usage I just don't think it trumps the cappuccino machine. Would love to but I have to be disciplined and say no.

Do you have an appliance you can't live without?

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