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Monday, February 27, 2012
The Secrets of the Ice Cube Tray

In my previous post, I decided against getting the Yonanas device for making banana ice cream. I could not afford that counter or cabinet real estate! Instead of purchasing a specialty gadget I needed to see if could get the same results from something I already owned. Sometimes you have to get creative! An essential part of being organized is looking for ways to get the tools you have do double or even triple duty. All I had to do was look to the freezer to find those perfectly proportioned ice cube trays, mash up the bananas and freeze in an ice cube tray. So easy! Now I want to freeze everything in those little trays.
Here's some other ways to use ice cube trays:
Freeze leftover coffee for iced coffee that doesn't dilute when the ice cubes melt
Left-over tomato paste, tomato sauce, pesto, gravy and baby food.
Those are just a few ideas for the freezer.
What do you put in your ice-cube trays?

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