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Monday, October 31, 2011
Organized Halloween Candy!

How many pounds of candy will enter your home today? If you are handing out candy be sure not to go overboard with every type of bite sized candy. Get a few bags of popular candy and once it is gone it is gone. If your little ones bring home several bags of candy be sure you have a back up plan. Other wise you will have a lot of leftover candy just taking up space in your kitchen eventually going stale and uneaten. Go through candy when it first comes home to be sure that it is safe and check for candy's containing peanuts when food allergies are present. Divide up your candy and organize it for future consumption! Why not? Here are a few ideas for the extras.
#1 Freeze some of your favorites to use in recipes like Reece's or Junior mints
#2 Keep some of the sugary items like suckers or skittles in the car or work bag
#3 Let someone else enjoy the holiday by donating it

Happy Halloween!

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