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Monday, October 17, 2011
Holiday Separation Anxiety

As the leaves change, we search for our sweaters and we realize summer is over. Next thing you know we are eating pumpkin pie and opening presents. Get ready the holidays are coming it's time to get organized! I am not just talking about the stuff but the actual dates. A few years ago I was walking downtown Chicago and witnessed the collision of holidays. Too many holidays at one time. It was an unseasonably warm Halloween no jackets required. I looked around to see a variety of costumes and thought how fun! I love when everyone gets into the holiday spirit . Unfortunately my happiness quickly turned to confusion when I saw store windows advertising Thanksgiving specials. I get it, Thanksgiving is the next holiday. Its hard enough to see the Halloween candy filling the isle before Labor Day. But as I continued further down the street...Eeek! One of the major department stores was putting up the Christmas decorations!! Oh my, i was caught is a vortex of holidays I just wasn't ready for. What to do? A hot day with Halloween costumes, turkeys and Christmas decorations. It was confusing. I realize we can not do anything about the stores preparations because they play by different rules. But at least we can control what is going on at home and our own decorations. Keep the holiday decorations organized and labeled in separate containers. And if it helps add your own date for displaying. Maybe the 1st day of October you put out your fall decorations and so on.

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  • its really difficult to be distant during the holidays

    By Anonymous Costa Mesa Storage, at 9:10 AM  

  • I can't wait for Christmas! Or the winter weather and clothing for that matter!

    Living here in Arizona we had one week so far when the weather was 60 degrees and everyone was wearing their pea coats and mittens, we just didnt let the opportunity pass us by, and sure enough we are back to 100 degree weather :O

    By Anonymous Mark A. Morales, at 11:44 PM  

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