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Thursday, May 29, 2008
Whats Under That Bag?

If you went through your closet recently looking for empty hangers you may have found a few extra plastic bags that contain clothes cleaned and pressed by the dry cleaner. Or you found empty hangers with a plastic bag hanging over it. This is a huge waste of space.
I recommend taking the plastic off of all of your clothes as soon as they come in from the dry cleaner so they can breath and you can see what you have to wear. I don't recommend using the plastic dry cleaner bags as a dust preventive. Add a garment bag to your closet for special occasion clothing for protection.
Hopefully by removing the extra plastic bags and hangers and adding a garment bag you can not only gain space but protect your clothing and start categorizing your wardrobe.

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  • Good advise. Storing clothes in plastic is the worst thing you can do when storing clothes--because of moisture acting with the cloth and plastic. Also, recycle those skinny hangers, get rid of them. Wooden hangers are 100% better because the clothes hang better on them and they make a little space between clothes so they don't wrinkle as easily. And they look so beautiful in the closet with all the clothes organized.

    By Anonymous Marilyn Bohn, at 8:25 AM  

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