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Thursday, May 22, 2008
To Much Junk In The Trunk?

Whats going on back there in the back of your car? Are you still carrying around the winter safety tools like a shovel, scrapers and other miscellaneous items like sporting goods or clothes that never made it into the house or garage? Its time to change your habit of using the trunk of your car as storage locker by getting organized in your car.
Empty out everything from your car but keep any safety items like jumper cables, flashlights or sun shield. Organize these items in a bin so they are ready when needed.
If you do a lot of shopping, organize your bags so they are easy to store and even easier to take out of the trunk. This simple trunk organizer from container store will hold grocery bags, maps and other small items so they don't roll around.
So make it easy on yourself and organize that car! Next project is the inside of the car!

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