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Thursday, May 01, 2008
Saving Time And Money...Shop Online!

We are all busy these days, its no secret and we have a million things to do. Plus we also want to save time and money. Make sure you organize your work, food and fun essentials to help you get through the week.

#1 Work - Don't get stuck without a full printer cartridge just before you have to print 50 pages of a presentation in color. As soon as you printer tells you your running low on ink, order a replacement online and have it shipped. You will be happy to have it when needed. You can also stock up at office supply stores like office max.

#2 Food - Online grocery shopping is the best time saver around! You can set up your delivery date and time, its saves all of your shopping lists and you can shop by price. We don't have to spend the time shopping, driving to and from the store, packing and unpacking the car. I can shop in 5 minutes and its done!

#3 Fun - Subscribe to online movie rental like Netflicks - Put as many movies as you wish on your list and you don't have to get stuck without a movie for the weekday or weekend. When a new movie comes out to the theater add it to the list. Sometimes we forgot to see them at the theater and before you know it its on video.

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  • If you have a Blockbuster nearby, then their online system could be a very good deal for you. You can return every movie they send you for a free in-store rental. You still have the convenience of the online queue, and you can mail the envelope back, but the option for a free in-store rental is nice. Plus, you get a coupon for one free rental a month (this might depend on which plan you have).

    By Anonymous Margaret, at 6:45 AM  

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