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Friday, May 23, 2008
Throw In The Towel

Time to take a look at all of those towels packed in the linen closet. Is your closet overflowing? Do you ever get to the bottom of the stack or do you keep rotating the same towels? You can gage how many towels you need in a week by how much laundry you do. Its a pretty small number 2 or 3 towels per person if you do the wash weekly. So time to organize those towels and let go of some of the older ripped or stained towels. You can repurpose those towels for cleaning or donate them to your local animal shelter.

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  • I was happy to learn animal shelters will take towels and flannel sheets. I called ours and they sounded surprised when I asked if they would accept them. (They will) I have a big bag chucked full for them.I was doing a video this weekend on closets and I weeded out thin, rough, and too small towels. I bought new ones and my closet looks so much better. And it is a pleasure to open the door and look at all the towels, wash clothes and sheets folded all the same. I can't wait for a guest to come and use 'their' new fluffy towel and wash cloths.

    By Anonymous Marilyn, at 2:12 PM  

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