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Monday, March 05, 2012
Freezer Safety Tip When You're Away

Here's a tip to save you a post-vacation-food-poisoning-induced-trip to the emergency room.
Food in your freezer could have languished at unsafe temperatures if the power goes out when you’re on vacation,and then returned to its frozen state when the power goes back on.
Use this tip from the Nebraska University Extension service to see if food is safe to eat. When organizing your freezer, keep an ice cube or two in a sealed plastic bag or small container in the freezer. It must be a sealed bag/container so the ice cube doesn't evaporate and disappear. If the ice cube has melted down from its original shape, you'll know the power was off for an extended period of time. And you'll have to toss the contents of your freezer.
For more tips on food safety go to:

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Sunday, March 04, 2012
Going Bananas

My philosophy about organizing kitchen appliances is less is more. But I have to say I'm obsessing over the craziest gadget I've ever seen, the Yonanas  ice-cream maker.  It makes bananas into ice cream. That's it. It's big, it doesn't multi-task, nothing double-duty about it. But I keep thinking I could make healthy ice cream that the kids could eat without me feeling guilty. How could I work this into my small kitchen?  Maybe I could make room by tossing the cappuccino machine?  Unfortunately that is a big no, I use that every day.  How often would I eat banana ice cream? Probabaly not everyday.  That is a lot of bananas, lots of ice cream and some major counter top real estate.  OK, I am leaning towards no!  On an everyday usage I just don't think it trumps the cappuccino machine. Would love to but I have to be disciplined and say no.

Do you have an appliance you can't live without?

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Friday, March 02, 2012
What's In Your Freezer...It's Not Always About the Food

As the excitement of National Frozen Food Month continues, we're highlighting the way people organize and use their freezer, and it's not always about food. Some people use it as safe, freezing cash and jewelry. I've seen vodka, batteries, and Apartment Therapy had this post on freezing your jeans instead of washing or dry cleaning them.

What are some of the ways you use your freezer?

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Thursday, March 01, 2012
Organize Your Freezer

March is frozen food month. Really, I can't make this stuff up. It is time to go through that icy box and organize the contents. You might think once you stick something in the freezer it's good forever, but even freezing food has its limits. Here's some surprising facts: Cookie dough only lasts one month, Bacon, sausage - only lasts 2 months. Leftovers, such as casseroles, stews, soups, bread - a mere 3 months. So plan accordingly when you're stocking up on groceries and don't go overboard.

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