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Wednesday, October 21, 2009
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Organized Sandwich Making

Trying to save money by packing your lunch but end up making a mess of your kitchen in the process? Here's a quick tip on making the clean up a little easier by starting out with napkin or paper towel.
Place a napkin or paper towel on the counter where you prepare your sandwich. Lay out the bread on the napkin, add your toppings etc. and when your sandwich is done fold the napkin over the sandwich to pull it all together. This makes the transfer easier to the to the cling wrap, sandwich bag or plastic container and the toppings don't fall out. It cuts back on all the crumbs etc on your counter and you dont need additional dishes for the task. If you want to organize your lunches even more, pre wash and slice the cheeses, veggies and other toppings so they are ready when you need them.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009
Keeping The Good Food Organized

Do you have questionable food, condiments and beverages taking up space in your kitchen? Not sure if its ok to eat or drink? Check out the site to find out its shelf life. You can also find out handy information like "how to safely defrost foods"and many other common questions. Click on the type of food and select opened or unopened and Stilltasty tells you how long it can stay in the refrigerator, freezer and includes other tips about storing.

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Monday, October 05, 2009
Organizing The Glove Box

Is your cars glove box packed with napkins, ketchup, gum and 10 years worth of expired registration forms? Having these items around are helpful if your dining in the car but you dont have a lot of extra space for these non essential items. Make sure your glove box is organized with the following items so you are ready when you need them.

Car Registration
Insurance card
Emission form
Disposable camera
Notepad and pen
Cell phone charger
Phone number of insurance agent
Phone number of mechanic
Phone number of towing service
Help sign

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Sunday, October 04, 2009
Organizing Battery Charger Cords

Do you have phone chargers and other electronic cords tangled together all over your counters and floors? Check out this neat little gadget from Driinn. Its a little shelf that hangs between your battery charger and wall socket. It keeps your cords organized because your able to wrap the cord around the Drinn and still plug it in to charge and its off the counter and floor. I purchased one at Bed Bath and Beyond but you can also find at Kikkerland.

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