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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
June Organizing Tips from a Professional Organizer

Memorial Day is the official start of summer activities. BBQ, golf, tennis, fishing, boating, baseball, swimming, jogging, hiking, biking and more! And all activities come with gear. Our storage closets, basements and garages are filled with gear from activities we love, or at least...thought we would love. June is the month to get the gear organized. Store the winter gear you intend on using next winter and donate the old that barely got attention this past season. And make room for summer! Don't let clutter delay you from enjoying the outdoors and the activities you waited all winter for.

5 Organizing Tips to Get Ready for Summer

1. Store all the winter gear you intend on using next year, including ice skates, snow boards, hats, mittens and gloves.

2. Donate the winter gear you didn't use much, or don't intend on using again. Space is too precious to waste on items that don't get much attention. Get rid of the unwanted winter stuff now to make more room for summer!

3. Repair and maintain items now. You don't want to find out that the gears on your trusty bike are rusted minutes before you ride. To avoid buzz kill moments in summer fun time, go through all your gear before you use it. Make sure everything is in working condition and that all the parts are accounted for. Take your bicycle to the local shop for a yearly tune up so that your equipment is ready when you are ready to have fun.

4. Get rid of items that didn't get used last year or are beyond repair. That tangled badminton net is probably not going to get untangled any time soon. So get rid of it so that you can reach the items you want quickly without hassle.

5. Plan out the summer. Go through the calendar and mark down the summer festivals, outdoor music concerts, sporting events and trips you plan on taking. This will provide you with a general snap shot of the summer and let you know when top take advantage of free time. Don't go through the summer thinking there is plenty of good weather left to enjoy only to find yourself at the end of the season having accomplished none of the fun stuff you waited all winter to do.


Thursday, May 03, 2007
You might be a professional organizer if...

1. you are on a first name basis with both the morning and night shift at the Container Store.

2. you type 80 words per minute on a label machine.

3. you can tell at a glance if your husband tried to swipe a Rubbermaid from your stash.

4. you can actually pack 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag and make it look like there is room for more.

5. you consider moving into 100 sq ft condo because you think the challenge would be fun.


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