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Saturday, January 05, 2008
Taming The Card Collection

I think its wonderful to send and receive a real card through the mail on your birthday or even the holidays. It's really easy to send an ecard to your techy friends and family but it's nice to see those colorful envelopes in the mail box with a handwritten address rather than the typical junk mail or bills. Their are cards for every occasion. We buy these cards with good intentions on sending but sometimes we forget to send the card! So now you have all these extra cards laying around that say "Happy 21st Birthday" or "Fifty and Fabulous". Now what are your going to do? Store them in your valuable space? Throw them away? You may have just wasted some valuable time traveling, shopping and spending money and the recipient may not ever see those good wishes.
My advice for dealing with the birthday cards is to have a personalize birthday card that you can send to everyone. This would say Happy Birthday on the front and whatever you want to say inside and list who it is from. This way everyone is getting the same card this year and you don't have to run out every time someone has a birthday. If you want to do this each year make a list of everyone you would like to send a card to and just order a small amount.

Bonus Tips
Make a folder for each month of birthdays and on a rainy day address all the cards, place a stamp on the envelope, add the send date on your birthday calender or use the birthday alarm as a reminder. Now you are sent for the entire year!

Good Luck!

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