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Monday, January 17, 2011
Saving Space: Before The Sale

If your are an online or in line shopper its important to think about a few things before you bring new items home. First you need to think about your storage space and its capacity. You can't get 5 lbs of stuff in a 10 lb bag. I live in the city and as much as I would love to shop at the big warehouse stores there's just no place to store large quantities unless I make some changes. I could put 20 rolls of paper towels in my linen closet but where would I put my towels? I love a good sale but I also know how many rolls of paper towels I can fit in my cabinet and how much I will use before my next shopping order. Here's something else to think about, "How much of one particular item can you consume before the expiration date"? Do you have a giant bottle of vitamins that you got on sale? It might have sounded like a good deal at the time but remember you might not finish the bottle by the expiration date. I know if I see a product on sale like yogurt which I really like with a price of 10 for $5. Sounds good to me at first but sometimes end up eating one or two of those yogurts before they all expire! This is also applies to veggies before they go bad. Sometimes this can happen when shopping for clothes. Your favorite tee shirt is on sale so you buy one in every color but end up wearing only one or two.
Sometimes too much of a good thing just doest work. Think about what you really need before shopping and make sure you have the space, the time and won't loose interest.

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