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Monday, April 06, 2009
Declutter your technology by consolidating

Over the weekend my internet connection went down. To start troubleshooting I opened up the cabinet that hides my cable modem, the wireless router and a rats nest of cables. Through the process I learned that the cable modem had gone bad and needed to be replaced. The upside was that I learned my cable company offered a modem/wireless router combination device for a dollar more a month than I was paying for the modem itself. This meant one less box and one less power cord. And the price seemed more than fair. The wireless routers I purchased in the past ran around 80 bucks, and for some reason or another I end up replacing them or upgrading every couple of years. So the extra buck per month was all right with me even with the 35 dollar installation fee.

I'm happy now to only have 1 box that both connects me to the internet and provides wireless access to my computers, gaming console and smart phones. And I'm really happy to get rid of a few more messy wires and cables.

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