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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Replace your dictionary with Google?

Did your dictionary from 1999 let you down when you desperately needed to find the definition of truthiness? Or are you just in need of a couple of extra inches of shelf space to give home to this years family photo? Well Google has your back. The define: search command on Google (and many other search engines) is getting better. Simply type define:clutter into the search bar to see what I mean. Google will give you related phrases, definitions from Princetons WordNet as well as from Wikipedia. Try the same trick in Bing or Yahoo and they will add definitions from and/or

To be fair, the search engines won't provide pronunciation or etymology. You'll have to click through to the links provided for anything additional to definitions and examples of uses, but it is a quick way to look up a word while typing away at your computer.

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