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Thursday, June 04, 2009
Organizing Baby Onesies

Onesies are a staple of all infant wardrobes. There are long sleeve, short sleeve, summer, winter and every color you can imagine. Babies wear them all through the first year. They are the best! If you are going to a baby shower, there is a really good chance your walking into that party with a couple of onesies in that perfectly wrapped gift box. 1st time mom's most likely buys a onesie or two or 25. But here is the key to keeping your home and nursery organized during all of the clothes buying excitement. Whenever possible - on the gift giving or receiving of baby clothes please please please get a bigger size than 0-3 months. Most moms get overloaded with this one size and babies either wear it one time or never at all. So do yourself and the other moms out there a favor by giving them something they can use further down the road.




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