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Saturday, November 17, 2007
Organized Thanksgiving Leftovers

I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving for the past few months. It's one of my favorite meals and it's once a year. I especially enjoy Thanksgiving because I don’t have to do anything in the kitchen. This is pretty amazing! I do bring a few of my double layer pumpkin pies that I have been making for 15 years, so I do a little work. Once you make something that everyone likes you are sort of required to make it forever. I usually get that nervous look when I walk in the door to see if I’m carrying something and then I’m asked “Did you bring the Karli pumkin”? Oh yes and I usually bring extras. Last year I made one pie for dinner and then made miniature pies for take homes gifts. The pie I make has a graham cracker crust that I buy premade and they also sell the same crust in miniatures. The miniatures pie crusts come in a tin with a little plastic insert the can be flipped over and used as a lid. Great for travel - Genius! This way I have individual pies for guests to take home. I like this better then trying to divide up a pie that can turn to mush after coming to room temperature. Plus after everyone is already stuffed, nobody wants to imagine they would eat again…ever. So many times the pies have gotten thrown out and it never fail I get a call the next day “Loved the pumpkin pie, I wish I would have taken some home…bummer! So make sure your guests go home with all the leftovers this year. If you know ahead of time that you will be giving guests bags of turkey day leftovers (YUM!) think ahead and pack up some stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and whatever else you’ve made t 10 times to much of. Store in the fridge until everyone is ready to go. Then you can just make up the bags as everyone is leaving. This gets you out of the kitchen and your guest will enjoy their best leftovers ever!

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